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Stories about how daily life is changing because of a warming planet.

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What is Because Climate?

This isn’t about politics. It’s not even about science. It’s about people.

It used to be that the weather was mostly debated between old men and their cups of coffee. Not on campaign trails or by pundits on the TV. And certainly not with tweets.

Of course, weather and climate are different. And of course, old men, with their cups of coffee, are debating both.

But the conversation around climate change isn't always just about how the weather is different. It’s become a political line in the sand, leading to a two-sided debate of the single most important issue of this generation.

What’s forgotten in the hubbub of political cage matches is that lives and livelihoods are at stake.

We’re here to shift the image of climate change from melting sheets of ice (though those are important), to one about people coping with change. As we do this we want to keep perspective that lives are not only affected by a warming planet, but also by efforts to curb it.

We want to localize the conversation, because the conversation should be about people.

Because Climate will be an immersive storytelling site, dedicated to showing how a warming planet is impacting us every day.

Because Climate is made up of Joe Proudman and Millie Levin

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